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STEVEN SEAGAL: Hair Transplant? Wig? Black Paint?

Steven Seagal Hair

It’s one of the most bizarre hair lines in the world. 80s action star and martial artist Steven Seagal was once heavily balding. Yet at some point in the early 90s his hair magically returned. And since then, it’s just got weirder and weirder. Just what exactly is going on with Steven Seagal’s hair?

1980s- Steven Seagal hair loss

Seagal is just about the only guy who could challenge Donald Trump for the title of world’s weirdest hair.

And like Trump, it’s a bit of a mystery what exactly is going on with it.

One thing we do know for sure: Steven Seagal was heavily balding during the 1980s.

Steven Seagal Hair Loss

He started his film career as a stuntman before making his on-screen acting debut in 1988’s Above the Law.

Steven Segal Hair Loss

But even with Hollywood hair and makeup, you can tell the guy is heavily receding.

And pictures from around this time confirm. Steven Seagal was pretty much bald in the late 80s.

Yet by the time his next film came around, 1991’s Hard to Kill, his hair was noticeably thicker.

One explanation for this is that he was using concealer.

Steven Seagal Hair ConcealerHair loss concealer products are essentially dark fibers you shake onto your hair to make it look thicker. And they can be surprisingly effective at creating the illusion of a full head of hair.

However, too much concealer can look pretty unnatural close up. On the one hand, hair looks really dark, suggesting a thick head of hair. On the other, the hair lacks any real density.

My guess is Hollywood introduced Seagal to concealers but then he went and took it a bit too far!

Steven Seagal hair transplant

Steven Seagal Hair Transplant

Seagal’s hair appears to have changed again at some point during the 90s.

The hair line is bulked up a fair bitbut it doesn’t quite look natural.

But then, hair transplant surgery wasn’t as advanced then as it is nowadays. You might have heard hair transplants referred to as ‘hair plugs‘ – well, these early hair transplants justified that name.

Seagal’s hair looks just that – pluggy.

Take a look at this hair transplant gone wrong for an idea of what I mean:

Pluggy Hair Transplant

Of course, Seagal’s hair isn’t quite that bad. But the look is similar: thick clumps of hair separated by bald scalp. It just doesn’t look natural.

But Steven Seagal’s hair gets even weirder…

Hair transplant + concealer

Despite taking it easy on the concealer post hair transplant, Seagal slowly started using it more and more until, eventually, he looked like this:

Steven Seagal Crazy Hair Loss Concealer

That is not a natural look.

His hair is waaaaay too dark. In fact, it doesn’t look like hair at all.

It looks more like someone has grabbed a paintbrush and some extra-dark black paint and painted straight onto his scalp.

But if you think that’s weird, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just look at the way he runs!

But yeah, there’s definitely something going on with his hair.

And it surely can’t be a wig because, well, who on earth makes wigs like that?!

Steven Seagal hair transplant verdict: 4000 grafts FUT (+ a load of concealer)

Steven Seagal Hair Before and After

37 thoughts on “STEVEN SEAGAL: Hair Transplant? Wig? Black Paint?

  1. Who gives a fuck why are you care so much do you know why people go bald it’s because they are the next evolutionary model.

    Grow the fuck up

    1. Hair protects head from sun exposure. So no hair or balding is backwards in terms of evolution.

      1. Balding is caused for a dominant gen so it could be evolution.

      2. So if you have lots of Back and shoulder hair (LOTS) you are the next step in Human evolution and if you have none, you are retrograde. Thanks, good to know!

        1. You guys don’t seem to know how evolution works. It’s all about which individuals reproduce and which do not (removing themselves from the gen pool). “Strong genes” arguments are BS.
          Hair loss doesn’t mean high testosterone levels, which would give the prehistoric bald man an edge over others. It simply means that the hair follicles are more sensitive to dihydrotestosterone which causes hair loss.

          In our modern times bald head is perceived as repulsive to females and thus bald men are less likely to reproduce. Times where individual physical fitness/competence was a major factor are long gone. Social and hierarchical aspects (serotonin levels plays a big role) are the main ones now. Health indicators are still here ofcourse and bald men are naturally seen as less healthy (incurs in older age) so bald men are even more likely to end up as incels. May not be fair, but that’s nature.

      3. All you have to do is wear a hat or put on some sun protection cream. By your logic, monkeys would be higher up the evolution chain, as they’re more protected from sun exposure 🙂

      4. Then explain why human beings don’t have thick hair all over their bodies any more? Lol

    2. I have great respect for him and dont want his once glorious hairline to be disrespected. Yes, I CARE! LONG LIVE SEGAL’S JET BLACK WIERD ASS HAIRLINE TRANSPLANT SCALP DEAL!

      1. If you love him so much, perhaps you should learn to spell his name correctly……

      2. Jackson is a moron. He can’t spell at all.

    3. I have to agree. Woman have breast implants, butt implants, weaves I can go on for days. But let a man just dye his hair to get rid of the Grey or just use products to make he’s hair thick and the whole fucken world has to end. Just leave people alone and let them be.

      1. Well said. Thanks for posting.

      2. Agreed

    4. You do. That’s why you read the article, you fuckin’ ignoramus.

    5. No baldy lox

    6. Simon is bald haha

    7. Thank you Steve “Simon” Seagal, who isn’t upset he’s as hairless as basket ball one bit.
      Get the poor mans plug job. Smear Super glue, roll head on carpet.
      happy now?

    8. Poop out a duck Simon says

    9. No you

      Dude looks weird and the world deserves to know what The Seagull has done.

      It’s got a weird Brillo-pad texture too

  2. I’m just nosey.

  3. Simon is a bald man with a wee penis.

    1. He has a penis?

  4. Wonder how he’ll fix his hair in prison…

  5. I read that his “hair” comes from an Rustoleum spray can. At least he doesn’t have to worry about his head rusting.

  6. To me, Segal’s hair looks like the wigs the Kung fu masters use to wear in the old martial art movies.

    1. That’s what he’s aiming for , and I think he nailed it .

  7. Seagal has worn a wig for most of his film career.

  8. On some men bald is sexy…hair or no hair…Mr Seagal is not.

  9. Funny thing, but he looks better balding than with hair

  10. Hair is overrated. Hairlessness is overrated. You like the movies or you don’t. Actors wear makeup, elevator shoes, wigs, die jobs, whatever hairstyle the character calls for. It’s all acting.

  11. Why is it, when I type in “kung fu loser” into Google, the first result is “Stephen Seagal Biography?”

  12. He should do the same as John Travolta, shave it off. It would suit him, and cancel the critics. Those that buy his DVD’s will still like him.

  13. I think he is an egotistical SOB. If you go bald it is in your genes, live with it. Why get “plugs” and coat them with black shoe polish? Now he is an auxillary cop, whatever that means, to keep his ego up I think like he’s doing something for the community?. Only to prevail upon himself and keep some career going. If I could block anything or any body from my TV or PC his name would be first then Jean Claud Van Damn asshole.

  14. I have a bigger list but I chose Van Damn because he is an idiot who can only do one thing, kick. He’s been fired from roles because he insisted upon throwing kicks when none were needed.

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