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Has KIM KARDASHIAN had a Hair Transplant?

Kim Kardashian hair transplant

I know – it sounds crazy. But a gossip magazine has recently made the claim that Kim Kardashian has had a hair transplant. I mean, we’re used to seeing male celebrity hair transplants, but what about women? Hair loss affects them too. And to be fair, the reality TV star has been through a lot – different hair styles, two kids, the stress of being married to Kanye West… So, has Kim Kardashian had a hair transplant?

Early career

Kim has come a long way since her early days – from Paris Hilton’s sidekick to arguably the most famous woman on the planet.

And her look has changed dramatically during this time as well.

Here she is in 2008, complete with baby hairs sprouting from her fringe:

Kim Kardashian hair

Don’t panic if your fringe looks like this – it can be perfectly normal and doesn’t mean you’re losing your hair.

Yet only a few years later, the baby hairs were nowhere to be seen.

Here’s a photo of Kim from 2010. And her hairline has completely changed:

Kim Kardashian hair transplant? 2010

But I don’t think this is the hair transplant the people over at Life & Style magazine are alluding to though.

If anything, her hairline is higher than it was before.

So what did she have done?

In this case, it looks like she’s had laser hair removal at the fringe to remove the baby hairs and create a tidier hair line. This is a pretty standard and simple beauty procedure. No hair transplant here – yet.

Recent photos – Kim Kardashian hair loss?

Kim Kardashian hair loss?

Some photos do appear to show Kim with thinner hair than her Keeping Up With the Kardashians appearances would have you believe.

The Life and Style magazine article – where the Kim Kardashian hair transplant story originally came from – alleges that “years of extensions, tight hairstyles, and straightening had finally taken its toll.”

Of course, excessive styling and harsh treatments can cause hair loss in women.

But I seriously doubt Kim Kardashian is using bargain basement hair dyes and cheap Wal Mart straighteners to style her hair!

Kim Kardashian hair loss

For one, she’s incredibly wealthy (her earnings in 2015 were reported to be $52.5 million) and can therefore afford the best and safest hair, make up, and beauty treatments on the planet.

But most importantly, she has teams of experts dedicated to looking after her hair and ensuring it’s as healthy as possible. I mean, it’s pretty much her job to look good.

These photos of Kim with apparent hair loss – most of which come from late 2013/early 2014 – were taken just after Kim gave birth to her first child, North.

Kim Kardashian hair lossAnd postpartum hair loss is incredibly common. After giving birth, estrogen levels drop and many hair follicles enter the resting stage.

This appears to be what’s happened to Kim’s hair in these photos. Post-pregnancy can play havoc with hormones, and Kim is no exception. Of course, hair usually returns to normal within 6 to 12 months.

More info on postpartum hair loss can be found here.

Kim Kardashian hair transplant rumor

According to the Life and Style magazine article, Kim Kardashian’s alleged hair transplant was performed by a “famous Beverly Hills doctor who’s known for doing ‘corner pockets,’ filling in the missing chunks of hair on either side of her forehead.”

Sure, it’s possible she had a hair transplant. Today’s FUE hair transplant methods mean celebrities can get minor hair transplants without anyone noticing.

But in Kim’s case, it almost certainly wasn’t necessary.

Sure, some past photos have shown slight signs of thinning hair. But it’s hardly dramatic – especially for a woman who’d just recently given birth.

Plus, it could just be a bad photo.

As I’ve said before, you’d be surprised how many celebrities are getting hair transplants. Even people with seemingly full heads of hair are getting them just to ‘top up’ what they’ve already got.

But Kim Kardashian? It seems unlikely.

Kim Kardashian hair transplant rumor

Kim Kardashian hair transplant verdict: Just a rumor!

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