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JOEL McHALE hair transplant

Joel McHale hair transplant

He’s best known for hosting TV show The Soup and starring as Jeff Winger in Community. But before these leading roles, Joel McHale appeared in numerous other projects – but with much less hair. So what’s he done to his once receding hairline? There’s definitely something funny going on… but it’s got nothing to do with his jokes.

1990s – Almost Live

Joel McHale hair loss before hair transplant

Before getting into acting, Joel was part of Seattle-based sketch comedy show Almost Live.

He was a member of the cast 1996 to 1999 and the sketches are a chance to see his once-receding hairline in all its glory.

Born in 1971, Joel would only have been around 25 years old when these sketches were filmed.

Yet his hair loss was already pretty advanced at this young age. On the Norwood scale for male pattern hair loss, he’d already reached stage 3.

Early 2000s – First acting roles

Yet despite his hairline receding so young, his hair loss appears to have remained pretty stable.

Here he is in 2004’s Spider-Man 2:

Joel McHale Spiderman 2 (before hair transplant)

That’s him on the left, by the way – his hair loss wasn’t so bad that he had to hide it under a shawl.

Nevertheless, his hair is still obviously receding – even with Hollywood hair and makeup.

And other photos from around this time also confirm this:

Joel McHale receding hairline before hair transplant

Despite a heavily-receded hairline, the rest of his hair has decent density and coverage. Joel was only losing his hair at the front at this point, with no evidence of thinning elsewhere.

This makes him a great candidate for… you guessed it! A hair transplant!

Joel McHale hair transplant

Joel McHale after hair transplant

If you look at Joel’s hair nowadays, it has clearly changed.

The receding hairline has reversed – he’s gone from a Norwood 3 to a Norwood 1 or 2.

He still has a high forehead, but he’s not someone who looks like he’s suffering from hair loss.

So how did he do it? How does he have more hair in his mid-40s than he did in his mid-20s?

It could be that he wears a hair piece and covers his hair in concealer every time he goes out in public, but that seems unlikely.

And regrowing a hairline is notoriously difficult. Even the best responders to the strongest hair loss treatments currently available are unlikely to actually regrow their hair so dramatically. For most people, these products will at best maintain their existing hair.

So such a dramatic change strongly suggests Joel McHale has had a hair transplant.

Joel McHale before and after hair transplant
Before (left) and after (right)

It’s not like he’s only regrown a few pitiful wisps of hair at the temples. His hairline today is dense and thick, with no signs of miniaturization.

Unless he’s discovered the ultimate hair loss cure, it’s almost certain he’s had a hair transplant.

Joel McHale after hair transplant (2014)
Joel McHale in 2014 – The once-receded temples are now thick with hair

And Joel was a great candidate for hair transplant surgery. Although his receding hairline was noticeable, the actual area of hair loss was quite small. What’s more, he has thick hair at the back and sides, so a hair transplant surgeon would have plenty of donor hair with which to create a new hairline.

Modern FUE hair transplant techniques leave minimal scarring and can create a dense hairline like Joel’s. Today’s techniques are virtually undetectable, meaning many celebrities can get hair transplants without anyone even noticing.

But we noticed yours, Joel!

Joel McHale hair transplant verdict: 2000 FUE grafts

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  1. He wears a “system” 100%. Pretty obvious to anyone in the industry

    1. What is a system? What would I look into if I wanted something so real looking but not affordable then transplant?

  2. Defintely. It’s a good piece. It’s a shame John Travolta can’t use the same guy.

  3. He did have a transplant. He talks about it openly in his book.

  4. This is way old post but I googled “Joel McHale hair loss” to see before/after pics because I’m listening to him on a podcast now & he said he had 3 hair transplant procedures. This was on the Life is Short podcast.

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