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Poll: Most Promising Future Hair Loss Treatment

Between now and 2030, which of the following do you think will yield the most significant breakthrough in hair loss?
Shiseido/Replicel0 Votes · 0.00%
Riken/Dr. Tsuji1 Vote · 100.00%
Cassiopeia's Breezula/Clascoterone0 Votes · 0.00%
Samumed's SM045540 Votes · 0.00%
Allergan's Setipiprant/Fevipiprant0 Votes · 0.00%
Hair Cloning0 Votes · 0.00%
Something Else (comment below)0 Votes · 0.00%
1 Participant

Hi everyone,

I'm interested to get your thoughts on what you think is the most promising hair loss treatment in the pipeline. To me, a significant breakthrough would be anything that passes regulatory approval and improves upon the results of finasteride. Obviously the ideal solution would completely regrow hair on a norwood 7 scalp, but even something that slows hair loss progressing more effectively than finasteride (without side effects) would be significant.

My vote goes to Dr. Tsuji/Riken/Organ Technologies.