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Conor Murphy Before and After Hair Regrowth

I just saw fitness youtuber Conor Murphy post this video and claim hair regrowth completely naturally just with

  • Washing hair with distilled water rather than tap water
  • Scalp massage 10 mins twice daily
  • Magnesium and iodine (to 'decalcify' the scalp)
  • Topical probiotics
  • Low level laser therapy
  • 1.5mm derma roller once a week

Is there any truth to any of this? Below is the before and after photo

Conor Murphy hair loss

MPMD does a pretty forensic debunking of everything in that video

Basically to answer your question there is no truth in what he’s saying and if you watch the video he even admits at the start that he has a transplant

Hes so far gone I kind of feel bad for him. Takes a load of DMT or acid or whatever, has a mental breakdown and now claims to be spiritually enlightened while at the same time preaching about superficial things like hair and jaw gains.

Social media has fucked peoples minds so bad they think this is normal behavior lmao.