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Cassiopea Announces Breezula (CB0301) Trial Results


"The top line results of the planned six-month interim analysis for the phase II dose ranging study for Clascoterone (Breezula®) solution in androgenic alopecia in men demonstrated statistically significant improvement for Target Area Hair Count (TAHC) and directional improvement for Hair Growth Assessment (HGA)."

Cassiopea is also testing Clascoterone (the active ingredient in Breezula/CB0301) for acne, and is much further along with these trials (Stage 3). So, in theory, this new hair loss treatment could be available pretty soon.

"The results of the two pivotal phase III clinical trials for the topical anti-androgen Clascoterone (Winlevi® cream 1%) in acne demonstrated highly statistically significant improvements for all primary and secondary clinical end points and that the drug is generally safe and well tolerated."

You can find out more about CB0301/Breezula and how it works here:

As a topical solution, this treatment could be particularly beneficial for people who suffer from finasteride/Propecia side effects.