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Aclaris Announces ATI-502 JAK Inhibitor Trial Results

Aclaris Therapeutics recently published 6 month results of ATI-502 for androgenetic alopecia. ATI-502 is a topically applied JAK inhibitor (more info about JAK inhibitors can be found here).

The key facts from this trial:

  • 31 subjects (both male and female)
  • Target area hair count increased by 5.6 hairs/cm2 in men and 15.3 hairs/cm2 in women
  • Investigators rated 73% of subjects as experiencing hair growth
  • No serious side effects

The best way to judge how effective this product is is the results photos (attached with this post).

What do you guys think? Will this make it to market? Does it look better than minoxidil?

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