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0.5mg Propecia Dose Results?

Has anyone cut their propecia dose down to 0.5mg and got less sides? I read on here that it's just as effective as 1mg and I get pretty noticeable sides on this dose. Does it make a difference as far as hair loss goes?


In theory and based on the studies covering this question, 0.5mg shouldn't make a significant difference in terms of hair loss compared to the full 1mg Propecia dose. This is because both 0.5mg and 1mg reduce DHT by a similar amount (~65%). However, it seems unlikely that 0.5mg would be any better in terms of side effects because side effects are caused by reduced DHT.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has tried different doses and noticed improved results or reduced side effects?

I bought pro scar generic and cut into really small bits I don't know the exacts as the pills crumbled a lot in cutting but I just take a small piece every other day and it works for me

Been taking 0.25mg every day for around 5 years. Never had any side effects and managed to keep my hair during this time.