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Has DAVID BECKHAM had a Hair Transplant?

David Beckham hair transplant

He’s probably the most famous soccer player of all time. But David Beckham is almost as famous for his hair as he is for his footballing talent. I mean, his free kick against Greece was impressive, but far more impressive are the sheer number of hairstyles he’s had over the years. Becks is obviously a guy who cares about his hair, and if he was going bald you’d expect him to take action. So, has David Beckham had a hair transplant?

David Beckham’s hairstyles

  • Curtains? Check.
  • Buzz cut? Check.
  • Crew cut? Check.
  • Mohawk? Check.
  • Fauxhawk? Check.
  • Ridiculous long hair pulled back into an early version of a man bun? Check.

David Beckham hairstyles

David Beckham hair in cornrowsYes, at some point or other, Becks has had pretty much every hairstyle it’s possible to have – even cornrows.

His career started out at Premier League side Manchester United in the early 90s. But it wasn’t until 1996 – when he scored an incredible goal against Wimbledon from the half way line – that he really shot to fame.

Since then, he’s made headlines for all sorts of things – both on and off the pitch.

But one thing you could were pretty much guaranteed to see in the papers during the late 90s/early 00s was a story about Beckham’s hair.

David Beckham hair loss?

After leaving Old Trafford in 2003, Becks joined Spanish side Real Madrid.

These were his glory years – at least as far as ridiculous hairstyles are concerned.

However, with age comes wisdom. And since leaving Real Madrid in 2007, David Beckham’s hairstyles have been far more conservative.

But was this a choice? Or did male pattern hair loss force his hand?

David Beckham hair loss and balding?

Various pictures from around 2013 appear to show David Beckham with obvious signs of androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss).

David Beckham bald patch

This photo looks especially telling. Notice the shiny bald patch at the crown of the head.

Male pattern hair loss affects men when the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) binds to hair follicles. Over time, this causes the follicles to stop producing hair.

And if you take a look at the Norwood scale – the measure used by doctors to assess hair loss – you’ll notice that this is a particularly common area to start going bald.

This is often one of the first signs of impending baldness. Whilst Becks appears to have decent hair coverage elsewhere, this picture suggests David Beckham’s famous hair was on its way out at this point.

David Beckham hair transplant?

Today, though, David Beckham’s hair looks as good as ever.

David Beckham hair 2018

At age 41, his hair looks more or less the same as it did when he was starting out at Old Trafford. Not a bald patch to be seen.

So, how did David Beckham reverse his baldness after 2013?

David Beckham hair

Well, if it was a hair transplant, he’s in good company. We’ve already looked at the hair transplants of fellow footballers Cesc Fabregas and Slaven Bilic.

And, of course, there’s England co-star Wayne Rooney (we’ll talk more about him another day).

Yet despite the popularity of hair transplants in soccer, it doesn’t look like Becks has had one.

David Beckham’s hair is constantly under scrutiny. He’s famous for it. And given the amount of press attention his hair has received, there would be plenty more evidence if Becks was going bald or had a hair transplant.

Whilst the styles have varied dramatically over the years, Beckham’s hair density and coverage has remained pretty consistent.

Yes, there are a couple of photos that make it look like Becks was losing his hair. But in the right light, pretty much anyone can look like they’re going bald. It seems more likely that a combination of bad hair day and bad lighting are to blame.

David Beckham hair transplant verdict: cleared of all charges!

8 thoughts on “Has DAVID BECKHAM had a Hair Transplant?

  1. I can’t believe you think that is Becks natural hair. It’s obviously not. You bottled it at the last.

    1. Sorry to disappoint! There’s just no real photos of a balding Becks besides the two suspect shots in the article. And I’m willing to put those down to bad lighting. Do you think he’s had a transplant then?

      1. There’s a documentary with Becks, clearly showing hair loss…Several different scenes / different days, where he’s travelling in the wilderness. I don’t lighting can be blamed.

  2. I’m inersted who was your doctor
    For transplant your hair ?

  3. I don’t think that David Beckham has ever had a hair transplant, it can be pretty common to have hair loss due to stress which is reversible.

  4. Yes Deffo a HT. His hair actually looks out of place for his age. His hair was thin all over the crown and front.100% had a HT

  5. Utter nonsense, again. The photo with the overall thinning look is simply the light on his scalp when he’s not used mousse and things.

  6. Holy shit is that Danny devito in those two photos…. he has definetly had ht he is either taking popecia or had stem cell treatment like Christopher reeve had on his back, when u have that much money u could get hair grafts from a woman in India lol some people just don’t wanna believe a good looking celebrity cant have it all all of the time it’s like saying michael jackson isn’t a pedo all over again

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