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CHRIS MARTIN’s Hair Transplant

Chris Martin Coldplay hair transplant

In the fifteen plus years he’s been in the music industry, Chris Martin’s style has changed quite noticeably. No, I’m not talking about Coldplay, I’m talking about his hair. Where he once had a receding bouffant, he now has a perfectly flat hairline. It’s subtle, but to a hair loss nerd like me, very noticeable. So was it a hair transplant?

Breakthrough – Parachutes, Yellow, Trouble

Chris Martin hair loss before hair transplant

Chris Martin rose to fame as part of British rock band Coldplay. In the video for their breakthrough single, Yellow, you can see his less than perfect hairline – and this was in the year 2000. Yes, it seems there was “Trouble” (get it?!) ahead for Chris Martin’s hairline.

This first picture was taken around the same time he got married to Gwyneth Paltrow in 2003.

Whilst he’s by no means bald, it’s pretty clear his hairline was receding at this time. On the Norwood scale for hair loss, he looks to be fast approaching stage 3, if not there already.

Chris Martin before hair transplant

Despite this, his hair stayed pretty steady around Norwood 3 for a few years after. Perhaps he was using effective hair loss treatments to stop his hairline from receding further.

In fact, he was even brave enough to experiment with different hairstyles. But in this photo of him with a shaved head you can very clearly make out the “M” shape of a receding hairline.

But a few years later this M-shaped hairline would have mysteriously disappeared. It’s almost as if someone had turned back the “Clocks” (sorry!).

Chris Martin’s hair transplant

Chris Martin hair transplant before and after

At first, I was almost prepared to give Chris Martin the benefit of the doubt.

Looking at these before and after photos – left is 2008, right is 2011 – it’s hard to see much difference. The styles are different, but the hairline looks pretty similar.

But the longer hairstyle disguises the thinning hair at the temples.

This is more apparent when you compare before and after shots from a different angle. Take a look at the two shots below – the difference is night and day.

Chris Martin hair transplant before and after

You don’t just regrow hair in that area once it’s gone – at least not without serious luck and even more hard work.

My guess is that Chris Martin had a hair transplant at some time in 2010. Looking through photos, there’s a clear difference between 2009 and 2011.

And he’s a good example of how celebrities can get hair transplants without anyone realising.

If Chris Martin had let himself go completely bald before he got a hair transplant, everyone would notice. But a small procedure like this is subtle enough to escape most people’s attention.

It doesn’t take much to get an FUE hair transplant today – especially not for someone with minor hair loss like Chris Martin. It’s a quick and minimally invasive procedure that leaves virtually no scarring.

Best of all, the results look completely natural.

So congratulations Chris Martin on reversing your hair loss. And congratulations to the hair restoration surgeon who managed to “Fix You”!

Chris Martin hair transplant before and after

Chris Martin hair transplant verdict: 1000 FUE grafts

7 thoughts on “CHRIS MARTIN’s Hair Transplant

  1. Do you know anything about hair transplant and how little 1000 grafts will do in that area. He received around 3000 grafts and it was strip. It was done in Canada (west coast) by a one of the best hair transplant doctors in the world. Same doctor that did Antonio Conte (manager of Chelsea)

    1. I know the hair transplant surgery you mean and Conte’s is definitely up to their standard.

      As for Chris Martin, though – 3000? FUT? What makes you say this?

      Admittedly he has quite fine hair which is likely to require more grafts to create the appearance of density. But it’s not like his hairline was that bad! Mine was far worse and I only had 2500 grafts!

  2. Can you tell me the name of the doctor in Canada you guys were talking about? and also how much would a transplant like the one Chris martin had cost?

    1. google hasson and wong

  3. Both transplants were 100% done by Dr. Victor Hasson of Vancouver Canada. I know Antonio Conte did 4400 grafts but I am not sure about Chris Martin my guess is 3000-4000 grafts.
    You can see conte in Vancouver until

  4. Much of that seems longer hair and maybe some meds, not that I would rule out the transplant, but in 2008, growing his hair out it was quite full.

  5. This one is a close call. It may be a transplant, but it’s much more likely to be a ‘hair system’ ie a modern wig, as sported many other celebrities. Elton John was one of the first.
    These are far more sophisticated and realistic then the old toupees, and can be styled in different ways.
    Transplants, even if repeated, give modest results, and do not result in thick heads of hair. So, when a balding celebrity, eg Lewis Hamilton or Antonio Conte, suddenly has a full, thick head of hair, it’s not a transplant and it’s not a miracle.
    They may have tried transplants initially, but what they now have are wigs.

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