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Can Scalp Massage Really Regrow Hair?

Can scalp massage really regrow hair?

If someone told you that you could regrow your hair through something as simple as scalp massage, you’d be right to be sceptical. Male pattern hair loss has been a problem for centuries. It’s an industry worth millions of dollars. Surely the answer is going to be a little more complicated than just scalp massage? Well, numerous anecdotal reports say otherwise. There’s even been a medical trial which has confirmed the effectiveness of scalp massage. So, with an open mind, we ask: can scalp massage really regrow hair?

The current scientific consensus

As you probably already know, androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) is believed to be caused by the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

The simple explanation is that this hormone binds to the hair follicle and, over time, causes it to shrink. Eventually, it stops producing hair.

Nowhere in this theory is blood flow to the scalp mentioned. Pretty much any doctor will tell you that increasing blood flow to the scalp – whether through headstands, massage, or whatever – will not stop hair loss. DHT, they’ll say, is the cause. Not blood flow.

This is a blow to many of those who champion scalp massage as a hair loss treatment. For many, the argument is that scalp massage leads to increased blood flow, which leads to improved hair growth. Also, the relaxing and stress-busting effects of scalp massage are said to lead to improved hair growth.

The evidence for scalp massage

Whether improved blood flow is really the mechanism through which scalp massage improves hair growth is debatable. But there is evidence that – somehow – scalp massage really can regrow hair.

In this 2016 study, a standardised scalp massage was administered to nine men for 4 minutes per day. After 24 weeks of this treatment, the study found:

Standardized scalp massage resulted in increased hair thickness 24 weeks after initiation of massage (0.085 ± 0.003 mm vs 0.092 ± 0.001 mm). […] Hair thickness was shown to increase with standardized scalp massage.”

What’s more, the trial also tested for increased expression of hair cycle related genes (NOGGIN, BMP4, SMAD4, and IL6ST) and decreased expression of the hair loss related gene IL6. The results showed:

In vitro, DNA microarray showed gene expression change significantly compared with nonstretching human dermal papilla cells. A total of 2655 genes were upregulated and 2823 genes were downregulated. Real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction demonstrated increased expression of hair cycle–related genes such as NOGGIN, BMP4, SMAD4, and IL6ST and decrease in hair loss–related genes such as IL6. […] Stretching forces result in changes in gene expression in human dermal papilla cells.”

In short, it showed that massage has a positive effect on the expression of genes for hair growth and led to an increase in hair thickness.

Of course, it can be argued that nine participants is insufficient to draw firm conclusions about the effectiveness of scalp massage for hair loss.

However, these initial findings lend strong support to scalp massage as a hair loss treatment.

In any case, these findings justify further investigation into scalp massage. For a long time it has remained an alternative theory with only anecdotal support.

Anecdotal evidence that scalp massage can regrow hair

And there is plenty of anecdotal support for scalp massage as a hair loss treatment.

A quick Google search will throw up a great number of success stories from scalp massage (such as this one, this one and this one). This thread in particular is interesting; it collates numerous success stories, providing photographic evidence for the effectiveness of scalp massage.

scalp massage hair loss results

If this level of regrowth is achievable from scalp massage alone, then it is a highly effective hair loss treatment. It is far easier to maintain hair than it is to regrow lost hair. Even the strongest hair loss drug, dutasteride, is unlikely to regrow hair. So if scalp massage can achieve these kinds of results it should be regarded as very effective.

Of course, anecdotal evidence like this is not conclusive. But it shouldn’t be dismissed either. With limited clinical trials of scalp massage, the jury is still out.

Perhaps the most comprehensive individual documentation of scalp massage for hair loss is JD Moyer’s blog post How I Thickened My Hair and Advanced My Hairline with a Simple Massage Technique (and no Drugs). It’s well worth a read if you’d like to find out more about scalp massage. Best of all, though, are his progress pictures.

Interestingly, as well, he mentions that his hair loss progression slowed around the same time he adopted a paleo diet. A recent Top Hair Loss Treatments article examined links between diet, insulin, DHT, and hair loss. Based on the research discussed in that article, it seems plausible that the low carb paleo diet would indeed have a positive effect on JD’s hair regrowth. Click here to read the article in full.

But back to scalp massage.

JD Moyer cites this research paper which observed that the scalps of bald men tend to be harder and more dome-shaped due to an excess of trapped sebum (scalp grease). I know, it sounds crazy. But following detumescence therapy (basically scalp massage to remove the excess sebum), the study found:

The percentage difference between the bald and normal scalp thickness is used as a measure for the reduction in grease. Their hair for all people is found to be regrown naturally. From observation, over 90% hair recovery was also found to be regrown from the hair follicles for each bald person in this study. The hair density is observed to be the same as the non-bald region.”

90% hair regrowth! You’re right to feel sceptical.

But JD Moyer offers an explanation as to why so few people see such dramatic hair regrowth from scalp massage: it takes too much time.

In fact, the previously mentioned research paper noted that the first signs of hair regrowth were observed at month five. Given that the massage took 20 minutes a day, that’s a big commitment and a long time to go without seeing results.

But JD Moyer persisted with the massage for over a year, even posting an update article. In it, he posted two photos taken a year apart which show the results of this unconventional technique. Take a look for yourself.

Update: New trial of scalp massage for hair loss

A new 2019 study looked at whether scalp massage can reverse androgenetic alopecia. The study process was as follows:

  • Between October 2016 and October 2017, 1899 people searching for hair loss treatments online were shown a video showing how to conduct scalp massage for hair loss (2 x 20 minute scalp massages per day)
  • These people were contacted in December 2017 and asked to complete a survey
  • 340 people responded to the survey, of whom 327 had attempted the scalp massage program

The results were as follows:

“[Scalp massage] participants reported a median daily massage effort of 11–20 min and mean adherence of 7.4 ± 6.6 months, with 68.9% reporting hair loss stabilization or regrowth. Estimated minutes daily, months, and total [scalp massage] effort (i.e., minutes daily × months) were positively associated with self-perceived hair changes. On average, perceived hair loss stabilization and regrowth occurred after 36.3 h of [scalp massage] effort. Results did not vary across age, gender, Norwood gradient, or concomitant supplement, topical, finasteride, minoxidil, or microneedling use. However, hair change improvements were marginally lower for participants reporting diffuse versus frontal/temporal or vertex thinning.”

Self-Assessments of Standardized Scalp Massages for Androgenic Alopecia: Survey Results 

The study includes the following photo of hair regrowth in one of the participants:

The researchers attempted to control for any bias in the participants’ self-assessments and so, assuming these self-assessments are accurate, the take away from this study is that hair regrowth from scalp massage takes a fair amount of time and effort. This may explain why it hasn’t caught on as a popular way to maintain or regrow hair lost from androgenetic alopecia.

Scalp massage method for hair loss

While there’s no single correct way to perform scalp massage, those who report hair regrowth tend to have the following in common:

  • Perform the massage for at least 10 minutes a day, preferably more
  • Be quite robust in the massage technique: apply a reasonable amount of pressure to stretch and loosen the scalp
  • Use your fingertips, not your fingernails
  • Keep it up regularly for at least five months

Some of those who’ve seen successful hair regrowth with massage advocate the use of various oils during the massage. These range from olive oil to rosemary oil to lavender oil. Indeed, this study on alopecia areata patients found massage with a blend of essential oils to produce superior results in comparison to massage with just carrier oils. Both groups – massage with oil and massage without – saw improvements, further supporting the hypothesis that scalp massage can help with hair loss.

So can scalp massage really regrow hair?

I am cautiously optimistic as to the effectiveness of scalp massage.

Whether it really can regrow 90% of hair on a bald scalp is highly dubious. But then, how many people have had the discipline to keep going with this time consuming treatment for the many months required to see results?

From my own limited experience of scalp massage, I have definitely noticed an initial increase of scalp grease and dandruff after starting scalp massage as described by JD Moyer. Unfortunately, I’ve not had the discipline to do the scalp massage daily. In fact, I’ve gone whole months without doing it, so I can’t really give a fair review.

But I will say that scalp massage feels very pleasant. Not only does it reduce stress levels, it reduces the itch which is often associated with androgenetic alopecia. Perhaps this is a sign that it’s tackling the root cause of hair loss as well as this symptom?

Either way, it’s worth considering as a hair loss treatment. While I wouldn’t dispense with established hair loss treatments like finasteride just yet, there’s no harm in adding scalp massage to your hair loss prevention routine. It’s natural, safe, costs nothing and feels good. Going forward, it would be positive to see more clinical research into this alternative hair loss treatment.

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78 thoughts on “Can Scalp Massage Really Regrow Hair?

  1. Is that really all there is to it because that’d be flbtaergbsaing.

  2. I am trying for a week now, i will update the results

    1. Excellent! Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your results!

      1. So I used massage on my husbands alopecia bald spot and it is almost back to normal (1 year on) he now has 2 more spots so will do it again on them , fingers crosse

    2. @burak any positive results ??

      1. yeah you know i give scalp massage( at proper form loosen the scalp and my hair skin little pink after themassage) 4 month but it maybe increase my hairloss( i am not sure maybe i will lose anyway naturally) definetely didnt stop hair loss and receding hairline. (my condition: my hairs are too thick that noone realize that i have hair loss, and receding hairline. i have a lot of vellus at my hairline.) i did morning and night before bed for each 6-7 minutes(it is low but my male pattern baldness only effective in 3-4 cm behind at hairline, no thinning at crown; same as my father so if my m.p.b is effective at larger area , i would do massage 12-13 min each.) i had some progress photos that during the 4 months scalp massage journey my hairline receded like 1-1.5 cm and i lost a lot of vellus hair at my hairline (i am really sure, no hesitation) in some ares so i am going back to minox( i used one year ago i am really good responder).
        Note: i was really hopeful about massage after saw experiment at Japan but for me it did not work.

        1. You Need to do BALAYAM, Sheersh asan and sharvang asan and stop Masterbation too Because due to Masterbation DHT level increases and all the thing you do will not work.
          Take ALMA juice too for reducing DHT level.

          1. Does masterbation causes bald hair? If yes,please what can I do to regrow my bald hair after stopped masterbation?

          2. Did u got the result @pravash

  3. I have been suffer from Hair loss. There is lots of hair shedding while doing massage like u said with good pressure just started now. However With a great hope i will going to continue this . Let u know

    1. Thanks for the update. Other hair loss treatments like finasteride and minoxidil can cause initial shedding of hair – but it grows back thicker afterwards. Hopefully this is what’s happening with yours! Good luck and I look forward to hearing how you get on!

    2. Move only scalp with finger pads not the surface of hair.

  4. What comes across most in JD’s comprehensive discussion of the detumescence / head massage technique is his authentic voice (similar to this site). A lot of comments focused on the quality of the photographs, but these are almost incidental. As part of the research I do on my own website discussing natural and non-natural hair loss treatments I’ve learnt to recognise that voice. In JD’s case, and despite the ‘left of field’ nature of the treatment, it was compelling enough for me to incorporate it into my own regime. I actually think it helps. If it doesn’t, I sure like the way it makes my scalp feel. I can now raise my eyebrows and feel the scalp creasing! On the downside, it’s not easy. Dedicating 40 minutes a day, as well as the hardening of the skin on the finger tips, is testament to the dedication required to solve hair loss using this technique. Good luck to all who try it!

    1. My thoughts exactly! I think without more trials and evidence it’s healthy to be a little sceptical of scalp massage – I mean, it does sound kind of crazy! But, like you say, the scalp definitely feels better afterwards. It is hard to do it every day consistently though.

  5. I felt the need to share cause I’ve used a lot of information found in websites like this one. I wanted to return the favor.

    I started losing my hair about 2 years ago and it started to drop off my head very rapidly recently. So I spent the better part of 2 months researching everything about hair loss. I’ve been able to build up a pretty solid routine that has slowed the loss and what I believe has increased my hair regrowth and thickness as I’m noticing lots of new hairs at my hairline.

    Below is my routine, note that I everything I’m doing is completely natural without any drug use.

    1. Vigorous scalp massages in the morning and at night for about 10-20 minutes each.
    2. Drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruits and vegetables.
    3. No shampooing (I only use conditioner) I have very little dandruff now.
    4. Less greasy and unhealthy food consumption.
    5. At least 8 hours of sleep every night
    6. Increased blood flow to scalp by tilting my head below my heart and also by exercising regularly.
    7. Reduce stress and worry.
    8. Try to be happier overall.
    9. And this one is the hardest of all.. but I really think it helps.. fapp only once a week at most.. (It took some time to reduce that one) :p

    Overall I really think all that increased my hair thickness. I’m hoping that if I stick with it I’ll have great success. I’ll try to post back on here in awhile once I really start to see huge differences. Either way I hope I could encourage you guys to not give up the good fight just yet. I don’t think hair loss is just anyone thing. I truly think it is a collection of defects in our bodies plus getting older just makes it harder for our bodies to keep up. Anyways, good luck all!

    Sorry for the spelling errors, I wrote this on my iPhone and I didn’t feel like spell checking .

    1. I’m definitely inclined to agree that many aspects of your routine will help with hair loss. Even if they don’t, though, things like reducing stress and eating better can only be a positive thing!

      There is good evidence for things like scalp massage and reducing sugar intake. They may not be miracle cures but I do believe they help.

      Interesting comment about fapping, lol! It’s a hair loss myth that’s been around forever! But perhaps there’s some truth in it (there are studies that have shown it leads to a short term spike in DHT).

      Anyway, good to hear from you and I look forward to hearing how you get on. It takes a lot of discipline to keep up the scalp massage but many people report benefits so keep it up if you think it helps! Maybe take some before and after pictures and compare after 6 months?

      As you say, keep up the good fight!

      1. Quick update on my progress. I’m 3 week in now and I’m starting to really notice huge benefits.

        I purchased a basic head massager on Amazon. Pretty much the cheapest one I could find and I already ruined it.. lol

        I do circular motion massages. I tried to dig deep in my scalp (don’t dig too deep and hurt yourself) and losen the skin. My entire scalp moves when I massage it now.
        I was before losing about 40+ hairs in the shower and after I would comb my hair when it dried and I would lose about an additional 40-50. After I started my daily routine above (read Spider-Man comment above) I now only see about 15-30 hairs in the shower and 3-5 hairs in the sink after I comb. I don’t know about you but that alone is enough improvement to spike my optimism.

        I’ve also noticed lots of new hair growth on my crown area. My hair looks much heathlier and thicker.

        That is only from 3 weeks so I’m very optimistic in what will happen in 6 months!

        I’ll post some before and after pictures if my crown fills in completely.

        Again, sorry for the spelling.

        Good luck to those who are also trying this!

        1. Good to hear it’s going well – especially at such an early stage. If you keep it up I’m sure you’ll see a dramatic improvement in 6 months time.

          Interesting comment about loosening the skin – I know exactly what you mean! It might just be a coincidence but if you feel the skin on the back and sides of your head (where you don’t lose hair) the skin is far more loose compared to the top. Perhaps loose skin = more hair?

          Anyway, thanks for the update! Your last comment where you described your routine encouraged me to write the post about natural hair loss prevention routines!

        2. any improvements over your previous results?

        3. Spider-Man.

          Nice one for sharing your progress and optimism, however I think any loss in hair-fall is not related to the 3 weeks of scalp massaging you did. IF this method works (and I believe it can), then the impact would be measurable after minimum of 5 months if not more.

          In terms of your routine you posted. Very good base start for overall health, but you are missing some key things. Firstly…get on the LLLT helmets. There is much more evidence for success than the scalp massages and lots of anecdotal evidence supporting. Also…start adding rosemary and lavender oil to your scalp and start looking into internal natural supplements like saw palmeto, pumpkin seed oil, taurine, mega-green tea extract etc etc. has documented a lot of the stuff you could be taking. Best of luck with your hairloss battle!

    2. hello..would you please share your diet ?? I mean what vegetable & fruits you eat ?? & what kind of scalp massage you performed ?? like just simply rubbing the scalp using fingertips or any special method ? I am 17 yrs old & my hairline receded

  6. So I started loosing my hair when I was 17, before I had a great, thick hair so loosing it was kinda a horror story to me. Anyway I started using minoxidil but with almost no results after 10 months of continuous daily use… It did slow my hair loss a little I think.

    So about 4 months ago I found about scalp massage method, and I decide to try it, a month later I stopped using minoxidil (and it didn’t change anything). So I was massaging (I still do in fact) my scalp, every day for at least 20 minutes, even over a hour sometimes, and guess what my bold pattern started disappearing after 3 months!! hurray! And my hair got much thicker. I’m 19 now so I still have enough hair to cover up my bold pattern, and no one really notices, but my hair is also growing back, and massage itself feels great, so yeah I’m really optimistic about this, also my sister started doing same thing and she also got much more hair now, so it works for woman as well.

    I can’t really post any pics of my progress, cuz I have none. Also maybe I saw results after only 3 months cuz I’m so young, or maybe I was massaging my scalp a lot…

    Minoxidil requires daily use for at least 6 month before you see results, and than suddenly it turns out you are one of these 30% immune to minoxidil (yes it doesn;t work in some cases, and no one knows why), also I used 2% version so maybe it was too low for my problem.

    1. That’s great news! You are right about minoxidil not working for everyone. I think I’m one of those people too.

      Anyway, glad to hear it’s working for you. Losing your hair at a young age can be pretty tough. Keep it up 🙂

    2. what kind of scalp massage you have performed ?? means just rubbing scalp with your fingertips or doing some unique scalp massage ??I am 17 years old & my hairline are receded I want to grow my lost hair please rply sir

  7. I have male-pattern hair loss. Massage really works. After 2 weeks I can see a lot of new little hairs. I do massage twice a day, each 30min 🙂

    1. Impossible

  8. I’ve also started the massage regimen from perfecthairhealth. I’m gonna be brutally honest when it comes to results. i haven’t been doing it long enough to notice anything substantial yet but I’ve been taking photos every month. nearly reaching the end of month 2. i will post here after 6 months and let people know what the deal is. I actually paid for the Ebook, but got a refund after purchasing (30 day money back). I plan to pay the man back in full if it actually works.

    1. Sorry to hear you’re not getting results. I don’t know about the particular massage regimen you’re referring to so I can’t comment on that specifically. What I will say is be wary of paying for miracle cure ebooks online. However, if you can get your money back I suppose there’s no harm done.

      As to whether massage does or doesn’t work – that’s still up for debate. There has been very little clinical research into the effects of massage. Instead, most of the success stories are anecdotal.

      That said, I think it’s worth continuing for a few more months to get a fair idea of whether scalp massage will work for you. The reason being that even FDA approved hair loss treatments like finasteride and minoxidil take around 6 months to start showing results.

      But even if it doesn’t grow your hair back, hopefully you find the sensation of the scalp massage relaxing – I know I do!

  9. Well, i don’t know if i will not get results. I’m not expecting to see them yet if i do infact get results. As stated above, i havn’t really been doing it long enough.

    The site i mentioned is indeed somebody selling an ebook essentially on scalp massaging. As you said though, i got my money back, so no harm done 😀

    I’m gonna stick at it anyway. I have good quality photos of baseline, month 1, and month 2 thus far, so if i keep at it for a year, it will be interesting to see any changes. Granted i’m on some other stuff:

    -Minoxodil ( I have been on this for years though)
    -polysorb 80
    -low sugar/carbs

    I’m sure if i stopped working out so hard, my hair would have a better chance too, but i can’t give that aspect of my life up 🙁

    Anyway man, love this site. it’s one of the best male pattern baldness resources out there. Hope you are having a good weekend!

    1. A – Rob here from Perfect Hair Health. I’m the person selling the eBook to which you purchased then took advantage of the 30-day refund.

      No worries on that. I understand people want the information, but don’t always want to pay for it. It’s part of the deal with digital products, and I’m a man of my word with the refund policy. I’m looking forward to your progress. Feel free to email me any time.

      But I would like to clarify one thing. I do put a price tag on my book, please don’t take this as me selling people snake oil or promising a “miracle” cure. Those kinds of sites exist, and they’re scams. I have no intention of scamming anyone. The book and videos I offer represent a decade of my personal research, and are designed to highlight the exact solutions which worked for myself and other readers. Every statement made inside is backed by a primary source – much like the articles here on THLT (this is a rarity nowadays in the age of misinformation, and I appreciate seeing this sort of rigor).

      Much like Rogaine references studies in support of minoxidil’s effects on hair recovery, my book and videos reference studies in support of mechanical stimulation’s effects on my own hair recovery. But the reality is that response rates for treatments always vary. Rogaine didn’t work me; mechanical stimulation did. For others, Rogaine might work, but not mechanical stimulation.

      It’s important to keep an open mind with any treatment modality, and even more important to actually self-test. Only then will we know what works for us and what doesn’t. For these reasons, I welcome any skepticism from THLT and others. It’s warranted! We should always be skeptical until we collect an overwhelming amount of published research in support of any single conclusion. And even then… we should still be ready to revise any assumption! I always am.

      Best of luck with your recovery! I look forward to your progress.


      1. Hi Rob, thanks for your kind words.

        I completely understand what you’re saying. I think with hair loss (as with all science) it’s important to maintain a healthy balance between scepticism and open-mindedness.

        On the one hand, you can’t ignore the science and believe any old theory you read – that’s too open minded. But on the other hand, I feel people are often too quick to dismiss new ideas due to scepticism. Perhaps this is borne of many experiences with ‘snake oil’ solutions.

        However, the result of this scepticism is that people are too quick to dismiss new ideas without giving them a fair trial. Anything that isn’t Propecia + minoxidil is dismissed as ineffective without evidence. Scalp massage, unfortunately, is often dismissed in this way.

        Now, this is not to say scalp massage definitely works. But there is at least enough evidence to justify further investigation. Further to the examples provided in this article, I recently found a separate study which also observed the same changes in gene expression from scalp massage described in the 2016 study mentioned above. You can read more here:

        Anyway, I apologise if my characterisation of your ebook above sounded dismissive. The fact that you offer money back shows you sincerely believe in your technique. Not only that, there is mounting evidence in support of scalp massage as a hair loss treatment.

        1. Hey, original poster here. Just following up to say that I got absolutely zero results after 7 months or so of trying rob’s techniques. ( I stopped it a while back now.) My hair unfortunately just continued to thin all over, and I was pretty religious about the whole thing.

          maybe I’m just an exception?
          Gonna try your THLT supplements for a while on top of what i’m already doing. the anti inflammation sups seem like a good idea!

      2. Impatient people incorrectly anticipate how recovery from hairloss is going to work. Like any recovery it can take a portion of the time it took to lose your hair. You have to wade through cycles of the 3-4 stages of hair growth.

        So Minoxidil does what? It increases blood flow – and at that a very miniscule amount. Remember “they” didn’t create minoxidil for growing hair but only observed a symptom of using it for other issues.

        So if circulation is what makes minoxidil work – WHY would a person NOT massage their own scalp? Considering it’s FREE and has no ill-side effect. But it is a challenge because a 20 minute sit of doing this really works your hand and forearm muscles (and it’s FREE).

        I would wager a stark majority of people who even start scalp massage quit within the first month (Impatience). So interestingly that follows a similar “pattern” of people who have claimed to have success with it.

        As a musician and a teacher – I apply the same concept as when I teach practicing: start easy and be CONSISTENT. Did I say consistent? Start with 5 min. daily if your alternative is doing nothing. Then increase gradually. I wouldn’t worry about the exact technique or time spent until you have established a CONSISTENT routine.

        If you want to sideline the scam hairloss industry – do something that is FREE and leaves them out of the loop. OF COURSE THEY WILL DISMISS scalp massage! Furthermore, an industry that denies Hydrochloriquin and Ivermectin to save people’s lives – is anybody really really going to trust to AMA again? They don’t even know basic nutrition. They are pill pushers: The End.

        Scalp massage. It’s free. Do it daily. Good luck!

  10. I am at month 5 still no change

    1. 5 min morning massage with olive oil then shampoo for 5 months still nothing anyway i will continue maybe i will get some results

  11. Well it is great to get notification from you and I anticipate listening to how you get on. It takes a great deal of teach to keep up the scalp rub however many individuals report benefits so keep it up on the off chance that you think it makes a difference!

  12. Seriously. Look a the misleading pics. The first one shows his front where he’s bald, the one next to it shows his top and back where he never lost hair. Two different angles. The second set of pics are the same angles but the one on the right is an obvious come over.

  13. I’m at month 4 now and almost all my hair has come back! I’m so happy with the results! Maybe my hair came back quicker cause I’m still pretty young but there is no doubt about it… Scalp massage really works! I now spend about 1-2 hours a day with a scalp massager and I do long circular motions. I tend to dig pretty deep some times too.

    I think the reason why most people don’t see results cause it does take a long time and they probably freak out when they first see a clump of hair in the sink after their first couple of massages.. I freaked but luckily I kept going and now my hair is growing in thicker and fuller then ever. Can’t wait to see what the next 4 months bring!

    Don’t give up guys if you don’t notice much in the first few month! It’s working.. hair just grows so damn slow. Lol

    1. I have also started on the scalp massage recently.

      Where did you get your scalp massager?

  14. Also.. I kinda agree with Rahj, pictures can be very misleading.. you never know if someone’s hair is just longer or if they just combed it over to hide the bald spot.. I would also post pictures but most people will just claim I faked them.. so instead of getting criticized I’ll just say, instead of wasting hours searching for the miracle cure like I did, spend that time massaging your scalp. It feels really good and it is relaxing. Do it when you’re watching tv like I do.. what’s the worst that can happened? You stay bald? Lol

    And if you feel like critizing me for posting on here more than once I don’t care I’m really just trying to pay it forward from all the help cites like this one did for me. A little hope and a lot of determination goes a long way. Keep up the good fight!

    1. That’s incredible! Congratulations!

      It would be good to see some pictures but you are probably right that people will criticise whatever you do!

      That said, I think people are right to be sceptical. But also, like you say, what have they got to lose by trying? It’s not like it costs anything and it definitely feels good!

      Anyway, thanks for the update. I’m really happy it worked so well for you!

    2. Hi spider man. Thank you for paying it forward. I, and am sure others, appreciate it. Please continue to update us. I have started the massages today. I’m writing this so as to have a reference point when my hair regrows. I have had pretty bad thinning for a few years now.

      I have also taken a pic so if needed I will post at some point in future. I already have most if not all that’s on your routine list, except the massages of course. When this works for me, I will most definitely come back and talk about it. I am sincerely happy for all those who have had the success (just because I know how it feels to lose hair). Thank you for everyone who has posted their reviews.

  15. Can hair grow for women with this practice/massaging if I have had balding/thinning since 8-9 years ? What if it’s genetic

    1. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough information to say for sure. Some people are reporting fantastic results, others say it does nothing.

      Until there are more controlled trials to test the efficacy of scalp massage, there’s no way of telling with certainty whether it works.

      However, it’s free, feels good, and may be beneficial – so it can’t hurt to try!

  16. well I am on minoxidil from may be 4 months…also came across article on ruxolitinib , tobacitinib succes rates in AA…so I thought of getting those things in natural products .u can say alternative to ruxolitinib and I found the same component (brevilin A or something) in ginger I am trying those..and started massaging too.
    my lifestyle.
    1-no processed food.
    2-no junk food.
    3-daily exercise.
    4-lots of water.
    6-ginjer juice at night.
    7-scalp massage(trying to make it a habit) it feels nice though.
    ..well I can see some advances but still a long way to go..and I am positive…!!

    1. if you do scalp massage every day, morning and night, 20 min each, so I think you dont need the Minoxidil, both of these are just about increase blood circulation.

  17. Hey guys, just want to keep you all updated. I’m past month 5 now and most of the patches are filled! You can still notice some thinning in the crown area when my hair is wet or oily. Still you have to be right above me looking down to really notice it. I’ll wait a few more months after this post to update everyone unless I have some huge gains in the next month.

    I think someone asked about the scalp massager I used earlier, I apologies, I didn’t see it at first. I bought the Ottple, it won’t last very long. But after the soft fingers fall off of it, the hard plastic fingers end up giving you a better massage. That’s in my opinion. I tried at first with just using my fingers but after the first week, my fingers couldn’t take anymore lol. Don’t be afraid to dig deep into your scalp. Just make sure you keep a circular motion going. Just poking at your scalp alone won’t do much.

  18. Spider-man, look forward to hearing an update. There’s definitely something in this. There are numerous related theories and many of them have quite a following e.g. Paul Taylors skull expansion theory and Tom Hagerty’s scalp exercises. These ‘mechanically’ address the cause of baldness. Personally, I like to combine them all. Agree that the massage is relaxing and, as a bonus, I watch a lot more TV than I used to.

  19. I do something similar which achives direct observable results and is probably our natural skin treatment, and seems to explain why this method works. It works better if your hair is very short or off, I wear my head bald due to the initial issue. Use your flat hand and rub your entire top skalp with it (use your horn skin of your hand for that). If you do it right, you will feel the skalp gets warm and very nice to touch. Further the hairs you have left stand up and feel directly stronger. I don’t do it long enough to really see other results yet, however when you do it, you feel directly that this is just something natural. You can further apply it to other parts of your skin, like the face and see the results also there.

  20. Hello to everyone. I am staying good on my promise of providing an update.
    I have noticed some difference at almost 10 weeks in to scalp massaging (and scalp brushing). There seems to be significant enough hair growth for me to notice. Not a whole lot by any means but there is a difference. I have compared my pics and surprisingly, there seems to be a bit more hair all over.

    Scalp is definitely healthier. Flakiness/dandruff have decreased markedly. I’m waiting to see what another 10 weeks will bring. Guys, scalp massage and hair/scalp brushing does make a massive difference ! There is hope. I repeat, there is hope. Don’t check your hair out every day in the mirror. Just do it and maybe in 2-3 mths you will see a difference. If not, keep going. May take longer. Just be patient and have faith in what you are doing.

    My routine:
    – Scalp Massage randomly throughout the day. Adds up to 20-30 mins total per day
    – Boar Bristle Scalp brushing daily.
    No specific time duration. Brush fairly vigorously. I use soft bristle. Make sure it gets to the scalp. My brush is next to me always.

    – Jamaican Black Castor Oil (extra dark). Mixed in with jojoba oil so as to spread easier. Good for the scalp so I just use it. Once or twice daily

    – Biotin gummies 5000 mg 1-2 times per week. Too much causes body acne. Multivitamin tab daily also.

    This is just a small update of positive findings I have experienced. The main things are the scalp massaging and scalp brushing. Will see what the future holds

    1. Hey, thanks so much for the update!

      I’m really pleased to hear you’re experiencing positive results – and at such an early stage!

      When I wrote this article I was on the fence regarding scalp massage. But over time, and based partly on comments like yours, I definitely believe scalp massage is effective (at least for some people). I’ve since come across more clinical evidence (albeit on small samples) which has further reinforeced this view – I talk about some of it here:

      I think your advice to just do it and not look in the mirror everyday is spot on. Most of the real success stories I’ve seen took about 6 months to see results. This is a long time to keep up a time consuming routine with uncertain results, and I think many people get disheartened when they don’t see instant results.

      So, please, keep it up! And any updates you can give (positive or negative) are highly valuable in advancing our understanding of hair loss!


  21. Thanks for this post!

  22. Hi all, I’m currently at 8 months now. So after 5 months, my hair has kinda kept the same thickness. I think a lot of this is more mental in the sense that if I go out and see people, I start to notice how most the men are bald in this world and my hair is actually very thick compared to most guys. But if I stay in doors for awhile and only focus on my hair, I start to think my hair is super thin. That being said, there is no doubt in my mind that my hair has thicken significantly since I started to scalp massage. I think I have just gotten to the point now that I’m more fending off further hair loss rather than regrowing my hair back to its former glory. I don’t want to discourage anyone cause it really does work. Just don’t have unreasonable expectations cause it’ll just discourage you from continuing on with the activity. In my mind, anything that keeps my hair from getting any thinner is worth the time cause I get a lot more interested women when my hair is longer. And if my hair turns to smeagol like thinness then I doubt I’ll get many more dates lol. As always, I will repost if I notice any other changes. Good luck all!

  23. Hi, I am Chinese. I first noticed my hair loss after a depressive stage in my life at 16, but slowed significantly for the next few years following that. And now, after graduation, it is evident that my hair significantly thinned all around the top of the head simultaneously. I have tried onion juice, coconut oil, and (rosemary+peppermint) essential oils; the latter seemed to make it worse, because I had a thick lone hair on my right temple, and I literally watched it get thinner and eventually disappeared in the space of less than 1 month. My head looks thinner than ever at the tender age of early 20s. All my photos these days show my scalp clearly on the Left front corner of the hairline (but not the right side).
    I can’t tell if its the essential oil not working, or if I am using it too much? (only once a day, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil with 4 drops of each essential oil, and I can definitely feel the sensation on my scalp too!… Maybe its too intense???). I have also started to rinse my hair with mineral water rather than shower water, and I can’t tell if its helping or not, but it does feel like hair falls out a little less…but can’t be certain.
    I am keen to try this scalp massage technique out, is it better to leave the coconut oil and essential oils out then?

    I have tried this scalp massage technique for a few weeks, and I can instantly feel my head feeling more oily. Do I simply leave the expressed oils on my scalp, or am I supposed to wipe it with something or rinse with water?

    Finally, I exercise almost daily, and my head gets very sweaty, and I swim regularly. Is there any guidance on what I should do after these exercises? Like, should I shampoo my sweat or chlorine drenched head daily then?

    I’d appreciate any advice on the above questions. Many thanks in advance from this young man.

  24. I’ve been doing scalp massages consistently for several months. I’ve noticed that my hair is maybe a little bit thicker. If it works, you’re probably looking at doing this for over a year to 18 months, depending on your hair loss, diet, etc.

    The main positive I’ve noticed is the sore scalp I used to get from the inflammation is 90% gone. I’d get that after eating something unhealthy and I knew the burning was bad news for my hair.

    Loosening up the scalp has to be a good thing.

    I’d also recommend cold showers for hair health and general wellbeing.

    1. I have been at this for a month so far. I thought my scalp felt great at first, and it does feel more mobile now. Though I feel that it is still very common to cause lots of dandruff and some areas near the crown and corners of my head get quite sore, like the feeling you get a massive acne spot. Was this the same for you too?

      My diet is generally very good, mostly comprised of healthy whole nuts, kefir, eggs and non-processed meats (like duck, turkey, salmon). Also, I drink lots of green tea.
      I have also started to do an apple cider vinegar rinse on the days I don’t shampoo my head (I usually shampoo about twice a week and its nowhere near as greasy as I expected!).

  25. Brother I am going to give you some advice. Oils or no oils, wet hair or no wet hair, none of these things are the problem. STOP MASTURBATING. That’s why you are losing your hair at such a young age. Sensitive topic but it is the truth. They say there is no evidence, blah blah blah. It definitely does cause hair thinning/loss. Again, stop watching porn and masturbating. You asked for advice, and someone honest is giving you advice. Brush your scalp daily and do scalp massage to keep the blood circulating. Again, stop that habit. Wish you the best

  26. Yes it can cause massageing the scalp brings blood circulation to the scalp and simulates hair roots to promote growth with 100% natural raw or virgin coconut oil I’ve been doing this for 5 years and and it works because I am one of them people who don’t believe till they see it believe me I’ve done for 5 years and definitely works.

  27. A month ago I started with this, and from then I did it every day 20-60 minutes a day. I’m a norton 4 aprox., so I started doing it without any kind of hope.. now I’m starting to feel that the little quantity of hair that I have in the top of my head is getting thicker. I will continue with this for a year at least as a kind of experiment to confirm if this is true or not (sorry for my English)

  28. Guys, you also want to try eating just 2 tablespoons of raw pumpkin seeds per day. One just before you go to sleep (they also help you sleep better because they contain tryptophan) and the other first thing in the morning. There is a lot of studies which show raw pumpkin seeds can prevent testosterone from converting over to its derivative, DHT which is shown in high quantities on a balding scalp. I just started this 2 weeks ago but will continue for a year and report back with any results. They also help with an enlarged prostate which is also caused by DHT. So it’s a good preventative for that also. It’s a win, win situation.

    1. We did an article on some of the pumpkin seed oil trials here:

      Definitely agree that pumpkin seeds are healthy and beneficial for hair, but I wouldn’t rely on them alone to regrow lost hair.

      Good luck and yes please do post your results!

  29. I am trying this method for two months. I will inform you of the results at the end of month 5.

  30. Hi Guys,

    I started the massaging technique a month ago. I do it everyday, 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. Also doing headstands everday (2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening) and taking pumpkinseed oil (daily) and green tea (every now and then). I was low on vitamin D according to the doc, so I first took that up. I will try to keep it up, although it consumed a lot of time and energy. I will post an update within a few months.

    (Moderator, can you remove the above comment? This one instead please.)

  31. This treatment method certainly has some traction, there are now several related ‘mechanical’ methods for manipulating the scalp out there:
    – The Skull Expansion Theory by Paul Taylor
    – The Scalp Exercise by Tom Hagerty
    – Scalp Massage by Rob
    – Detumescence Therapy by Henry Choy
    – The Maliniak Method …
    – … plus several more.

    All are interesting reads. If you’ve got the time to spare there may just be something in all of this.

  32. I massaged for 10 months 20 min

  33. “Update” Approx. 2 months ago I began eating 2 tablespoons daily of Bob’s Red Mill’s raw pumpkin seeds. I ended up consuming about 2 lbs total. At the beginning of bag #3 I noticed the top of my foot was becoming all red with some open sores. I continued to consume the 2 tablespoons per day until the rash started to spread up both legs with incredible itching and hives. I did some research and found out that some people are really allergic to these seeds and it attacks the skin. Thank goodness I found this information. I immediately stopped eating them for the past two weeks now. The rash is beginning to go away but they say it takes 14 to 28 days. It burned and itched so bad I had a tough time sleeping for the past 2 weeks. I never had any kind of dermatitis before this episode so I know it was these seeds. Please be forewarned and stop taking these immediately if any hives become present. Pumpkin oil and seeds are also considered anti-nutrient. They prevent certain vitamins and minerals from being absorbed into your body. Please be aware of this also if you’re low on iron. (new regime) I’m now just washing my hair with Dr. Woods tea tree castile liquid soap without shea butter. I’m also doing scalp massage when washing for approx. 3 minutes and scalp exercises daily. Lastly I’m drinking 3 cups of green or white tea daily and incorporating steamed broccoli into my diet once per day. I’ll report any results obtained.

  34. The healthy blood flow caused by scalp massaging makes it possible to opt for a natural way to treating hair loss. Also, this is less expensive and easier to maintain. The idea of choosing this treatment is to see results without investing too much.

  35. definitely works.

    just gotta be patient and understanding.

    my hair is here to stay

  36. Would wearing hats prevent scalp massage from working? I’m big on wearing fedoras and flat caps but I’m not sure if hat wearing is causing hair loss or preventing scalp massage from working.

    1. Hi! We covered this question in a previous article:

      The short answer is: probably not! Unless your hat is excessively tight or consistently pulls on your hair, it’s unlikely to make a difference.

  37. It does help
    Instead of massaging with fingers m using comb
    I comb my scalp daily 2 times,for 10 minutes each. Earlier for a month I experienced hair shedding as a layer of dandruff was there on my scalp,dn slowly that layer got removed.
    Even after oiling i use to comb for around 20 mins
    At night before going to bed i comb my scalp for 10 mins
    After 3 months i started noticing hair regrowth
    And in every 10 days i use dermaroller on my scalp,and i use it with great pressure to make my scalp red,even till pin point bleeding.
    I am getting results
    Best of luck

  38. Losing your hair is a horrible feeling, its good to know companies are releasing products that help with it.

  39. I used to have really thick hair. People always touched and pestered me. But then I started having hairfall. Now I’m 24 and my hair are literally half of what it used to be. Do you think my hair can grow back?

  40. Top Hair Loss Treatments- I am facing pattern baldness problem from last 2-3 years, Is it works for me? if yes, So does it have some side effects or not?

  41. Prescription finasteride is usually the first line of defense against hair loss — for men. “In men, the most effective treatment for thinning hair is finasteride,” says Dr. Wolfeld, who routinely prescribes the pill to his patients

  42. Thanks for this information but my question is how to treat Scalp Calcification?

  43. Is there a video showing how to perform hair massage?

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