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Has BRADLEY COOPER Had a Hair Transplant?

Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant

As a leading man in Hollywood, Bradley Cooper’s look is important to his box office popularity. He’s won acclaim for his roles in films such as Limitless, American Sniper, and Silver Linings Playbook, but would he have landed such roles if he was bald? The actor has clearly taken steps to avoid such a fate – but what exactly has he done to maintain his hair? Has Bradley Cooper had a hair transplant?

Bradley Cooper Before Hair Transplant

Before becoming the leading big-screen star he is today, Cooper had a number of smaller film roles as well as playing recurring characters in various TV series.

He’s never been bald, of course, but his hair wasn’t quite as voluminous as it is nowadays – especially at the front.

Here he is at the premiere for Nip/Tuck season 5 in 2009. Born in 1974, he’d have been 34 at this time.

And while he’s managed to hold on to a great deal of his hair up to this point, he’s definitely showing signs of male pattern hair loss.

Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant (before)Notice the receded temples, for example. While this is perfectly normal for an ordinary 34 year old man, Hollywood demands perfection.

But between then and now, the receding temples have somehow un-receded (is that a word?) Today, his hair is around a Norwood stage 2and if we’re being generous, a 1.

So how has he done it?

Well, this article makes the shock claim that Bradley Cooper is taking Propecia.

Propecia is a prescription hair loss treatment that prevents the male hormone testosterone converting to the more potent dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is considered to be the primary cause of male pattern hair loss.

But propecia is only really effective at maintaining your existing hair. It’s highly unlikely to have been what caused Bradley Cooper’s hair transformation:

Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant before and after

Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant – After

Bradley Cooper Hair Line after Hair Transplant Today, Bradley Cooper’s hair is worthy of his leading man status.

And as one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, he could certainly afford the cost of hair transplant surgery.

So has Bradley Cooper had a hair transplant?

Today’s hair transplant methods are virtually undetectable. With the FUE method, individual hair follicles are extracted under local anaesthetic and reimplanted into the balding area. This leaves minimal scarring and creates a natural looking result.

Of course, if celebrities wait until they are very obviously bald, people will notice. Jeremy Piven’s hair transplant is a prime example of this. You can’t go from slick bald to full head of hair without raising a few eyebrows.

Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant (after)But balding celebrities who get ‘top up’ FUE procedures every year or so can avoid drawing attention to their thinning locks. The change is unnoticeable to all but the biggest hair loss geeks.

And if I had to guess, I’d say this is what Bradley Cooper has done. The change is subtle, but almost impossible to achievable without surgery.

Just look at his hairline today: perfectly straight, phenomenal density, no signs of miniaturisation.

Yes, there are treatments that can slow hair loss and maybe thicken it up a little. But regrowing such thick hair on slick bald temples? It doesn’t happen naturally.

Of course Bradley could be wearing some sort of hair piece to create this effect – he could even use concealer 24/7 to cover his thinning hair. But a hair transplant is a much better solution!

It’s a one-off procedure and produces natural looking results that are permanent. The only downside is cost – but that’s hardly a concern for a leading Hollywood actor.

We’ll never know for certain unless he actually admits it. But I know if I was a prominent actor whose looks were important to my career, I’d get a hair transplant!

Whatever he’s done, though, his hair looks great now. Congratulations Bradley Cooper!

Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant (before and after)

Bradley Cooper hair transplant verdict: 1500 grafts FUE

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4 thoughts on “Has BRADLEY COOPER Had a Hair Transplant?

  1. At the moment it would appear that Bradley Cooper has little to worry about, but as this form of hair loss is progressive, it is a good idea to take action sooner rather than later to save his hair while he can and finasteride is the most effective proven FDA approved treatment so good for him.

  2. In the advertisement, he shared that the requirements and demands of being in the showbusiness has prompted him to keep his good looks and getting a hair transplant to bring back youthfulness to his hair is one of the solutions.

  3. I would even venture to say that this photo borders on Norwood 3, a stage at which many men turn to hair transplants as a solution.

  4. “But propecia is only really effective at maintaining your existing hair”
    Well it’s the thinning of the existing hair first on temples and front and then in other zones that makes up most of hair loss. If by maintaining we include thickening and reinforcing it, that’s pretty much key, as hair rarely dies completely but is still there, thinned out. But I get your point which stays that especially fronto parietal neat recession thins so much in the zone where the recession is focused, that it’s harder to recover than forms of diffuse thinning. Btw I don’t consider the extent of his recession and imperfection, but I can see why he might have had a transplant.
    But I won’t “play contrarian” here, as the change seems real and fast. Would be interesting to see a timeline.
    I saw these photos posted on a particular site is it possible to recover hair without transplant in some case during transition? Of course not indicated without dysphoria, but it’s an interesting angle.

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