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ANTONIO CONTE’s Incredible Hair Transplant

Antonio Conte hair transplant

It’s one of the most spectacular celebrity hair transplants out there. Former footballer turned manager Antonio Conte has gone from pretty much completely bald to a perfect – and I do mean perfect – head of hair. How did he achieve such fantastic results? Who created this masterpiece? And how much did it cost? Read on to find out.

Antonio Conte hair young
Antonio Conte at Lecce (~1986)

Antonio Conte hair loss

Conte’s career started out at hometown club Lecce.

He made his debut in 1986, aged 16. And as a young lad he had a thick head of hair:

But just a few short years and a move to Juventus later, this once fine head of hair was noticeably sparse.

Apart from a few strands at the fringe, Conte’s hair loss was bordering on a Norwood 6.

Conte hair loss

Antonio Conte first hair transplant(?)

But by the year 2000, Conte’s hair had noticeably improved.

We tend to think of Wayne Rooney as the first footballing hair transplant, but Conte appears to have been the real pioneer.

His hair was still a long way from the masterpiece it is today but it was noticeably thicker compared to a few years prior.

Antonio Conte after first hair transplant

Hair transplants had been around for a few years by this time, but techniques weren’t as advanced in 2000 as they are now.

First, the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method was not as widely used as it is today. Instead, surgeons used follicular unit transplantation (FUT) – otherwise known as the ‘strip’ method – to extract hair follicles. Also, advances in hair transplantation techniques mean surgeons today can create a thicker head of hair today compared to 2000 (providing the donor capacity is sufficient).

Anyway, Conte’s hair during Euro 2000 seems pretty typical of a hair transplant from around this time. His hair isn’t perfect, but the coverage is greatly improved in comparison to earlier pictures.

And I couldn’t talk about Conte and Euro 2000 without mentioning this spectacular goal against Turkey:

Conte retired from professional football in 2004 with a better head of hair than when he’d joined Juventus 13 years previously.

But by 2007 Conte was back to being bald.

Antonio Conte bald hair

It’s not a bad look! Conte pulls off the bald head pretty well.

Even so, reports suggest he’d had at least one hair transplant to restore his hair to its former glory.

Present day: Antonio Conte hair transplants

Looking at Conte today, it’s pretty much impossible to tell he ever suffered from hair loss.

Even when caught by the wind his hair looks better than many people half his age:

Antonio Conte hair transplant (after)

So how did he do it?

Reports suggest Conte had one or two hair transplants in his native Italy shortly after his playing career finished in 2004. However, the results of these procedures are said to have been less than impressive.

The rumor is that Conte then travelled to Vancouver, Canada, for his most recent hair transplant surgery. And this time it was a complete success.

Antonio Conte hair transplant (after)

If these reports are true, it seems likely that Conte’s incredible transformation was the work of hair restoration surgeons Hasson and Wong. As IAHRS members (kind of like the Premier League of hair transplant surgeons), these two are among the very best in the world.

So how much did it cost?

Judging by Conte’s thick head of hair it seems reasonable to expect he had at least 4000 hair follicles transplanted (not including previous surgeries).

Most hair transplant surgeons charge per graft (i.e. charge for each hair follicle transplanted). The final cost would also depend on which method – FUE or FUT – was used.

With FUT, a strip of skin is removed from the back of the scalp. Hair follicles are then extracted from this strip and implanted into the balding area. FUT takes less time (so tends to cost less) but leaves more noticeable scarring.

The FUE method involves extracting individual follicles one at a time. This of course takes more time and money but leaves less noticeable scarring.

Given that Conte is reported to have already had at least one hair transplant, it’s likely he opted for the FUE method in Canada. This is likely to have cost around $30,000 based on the 4000 graft estimate above.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account the cost of any previous surgeries he might have had. And, with such a phenomenal result, 4000 grafts might be a little on the low side.

But however many grafts it took, his is one of the best celebrity hair transplants out there.

Congratulations Antonio Conte!

Antonio Conte before and after hair transplant

Antonio Conte verdict: 2000 FUT + 2000 FUE + 4000 FUE (~8000 grafts total)

9 thoughts on “ANTONIO CONTE’s Incredible Hair Transplant

  1. I am guessing toupee all the way. Transplants just won’t give you that thickness

    1. Wrong

      1. 4500 Fut

  2. Hair or not he is gorgeous! I wud teach him English any day

  3. Utter nonsense – that is NOT a transplant! How on earth could you achieve that level of density from a dome that was already just a back & sides?

    This is CLEARLY a modern ‘glue-on’ – and magnificent it is, too. One of my best friends has one, it looks amazing, you can see his scalp as you can Conte’s. It’s false hair grafted to a mesh which is bonded around the scalp by a medical-grade glue (same type as used to adhere false limbs). Only issue is the bond starts to come loose quicker than they tell you; but I expect Conte has his done weekly, to be safe.

    Incredible, but takes some balls to go through with it. I’m at ease with my SMP!

  4. I have seen people with successful hair transplants and it could be possible. It’s quite expensive for that amount of density. Plus, he may have been on products such as finasteride.
    This may seem far-fetched to most people who are thinning and balding, but I have definitely found the cure for me. Baldness runs on both sides of my family and I’m the oldest of three brothers. They lost all their hair before they turned 33, but I was researching like crazy in the eighties. I am now 56 and still have my hair. Every time I get lazy about my procedures I get back on it and soon my hair is dark and thick again.
    What do I do? First and foremost, eliminate a high glycemic diet and properly massage the connecting tissue of the galea. A high glycemic diet must be avoided if you are prone to male pattern baldness. It causes the body to react to hair follicles with a type of autoimmune response. Follicles above the galea aponeurotica region suffer the worst due to very interesting reasons-not constricted blood flow. Then why do hair transplants work? I actually have the answer and write about it on Quora. You can read my answers there so I’m not repeating myself:

  5. There is absolutely no chance that is a transplant. He’s wearing a piece. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves. No one has ever, or will ever go from Norwood VII, to I with grafts. It just isn’t possible.

    1. He was Nw 5A bald front, diffuse midline but thick (relatively) crown, like Zeman 🙂
      It’s strange, though, we can see photos where his scalp shows a bit.

  6. I have had 4 fues over 10 years (total 5,000 transplants) and the hair is not as thick as Conte has. It has to be something else. A good surgeon will baulk at doing more than 2,000 grafts in one go as it is a considerable stress to the human head.

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